Welcome to our web site and thank you for the opportunity to tell you about Pollination Contracting, Inc. We started our business in 1978 and look forward to our 45th year in business. We were encouraged by a few beekeepers who were looking for a reliable broker to handle their contracts. With the commitment of their hives, we started providing a service to beekeepers by locating suitable almond orchards for the particular needs of their bee business. By contracting with reputable beekeepers we were able to provide good, strong healthy beehives to almond growers for the pollination of their almond trees.
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Almond Growers

We provide services to California Almond growers by locating strong, healthy beehives for almond pollination


We provide services to Beekeepers by locating suitable almond contracts for their particular bee business.


We provide resources for the latest information concerning beekeepers and almond growers.

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